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EZeeBUY Experiences™ Precision Training App
EZeeBUY Experiences introduces the world’s first precision training app driven by artificial intelligence to enable our retail partners to train their products and deploy EZeeBUY platform services within weeks.

EZeeBUY precision training app enables our retail partners in every country to train tens of thousands of their products and deliver convenience and unique one-touch queueless buying experiences with our EZeeBUY platform services.

EZeeBUY precision training app uses artificial intelligence to train new products from displayed products and enables our EZeeBUY app to recognize them and purchase them within milliseconds.

In situations when our EZeeBUY app fails to recognize new products, EZeeBUY Experiences will enable a training mode option to empower our customers to help us learn about new products. Our EZeeBUY customers will be rewarded with cash incentives to help us rapidly onboard new retail and brand advertising partners that sell those new products and make them available through EZeeBUY Experiences.

EZeeBUY precision training app will enable EZeeBUY Experiences to expand globally faster with new retail and brand advertising partners in every country, deploying EZeeBUY platform services within weeks; transforming their in-store shopping experience with convenience and unique one-touch buy now queueless experiences.

The unique social media AI platform enable EZeeBUY customers to share their EZeeBUY Experiences on social media with friends, followers or as an influencer from inside their EZeeBUY app, accelerating the discovery and viral adoption of the EZeeBUY app. The social media AI platform will create hundreds of millions of social media engagements for EZeeBUY Experiences and our retail partners and brand advertising partners to drive more purchases with the EZeeBUY app; significantly increasing revenue and profit margins for our partners from around the world.

EZeeBUY Experiences™

The Next AI Platform Revolution

EZeeBUY Experiences is the world’s first social media and lifestyle AI platform for retailers to deliver convenience and unique buying experiences to their customers in the $27 trillion brick-and-mortar retail industry.

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